Settlement proposals for an independent decision 

In conciliation proceedings, the conciliator supports the parties in their effort to find an amicable settlement and makes settlement proposals. The subject matter of conciliation proceedings are usually professional assessments by an expert. Conciliators bring together the different positions, assess them and make a settlement proposal which is acceptable for the parties. If the settlement negotiations fail, the conciliation report may nonetheless play an important role for the subsequent project process. 

Our focus areas

  • Advice on the selection of the suitable settlement method
  • Integrating the conciliation and respective procedural rules into the reconciliation process
  • Recommend expert conciliators
  • Carry out conciliation procedures
  • Prepare conciliation reports

Our qualities

What is important in conciliation procedures in addition to the professional competence is in particular the ability to mediate between the parties. Consequently, in the past, we were able to solve many conflicts because we were involved as neutral third parties and thus were able to contribute to an atmosphere promoting an amicable settlement. We can draw on our technical and legal background as well as our long-standing conciliation practice all over Germany for sound settlement proposals.