Arbitrators' Awards

Reports on technical issues 

Quite frequently, construction proceedings are decided on the basis of expert reports. Technical issues in particular can be professionally clarified in such reports. The contract parties can agree in the con-tract that the arbitrator’s award shall be binding. Prior to the publication of the arbitrator’s award, the parties involved are heard and are involved in a formalised procedure. 

Our focus areas 

  • Advice on the selection of the suitable settlement method
  • Contractual provision on arbitration reports
  • Recommend professional arbitration experts
  • Prepare arbitrator’s awards 

Arbitration awards with us

The variety in the building sector calls for experts with a professional specialisation in their respective field of expertise. If we do not have the professional specialisation in a particular field (e.g. type of construction, construction service, construction material, building), we do not hesitate to recommend a specialist from our extensive national and international network as the arbitration expert.