Court Proceedings

Several instances in the context of ordinary jurisdiction

Despite the popularity of out-of-court settlement methods, many disputes are still dealt with before ordinary state courts. Judgments of the ordinary courts are accepted by the parties involved, in particular since the decisions can be fought through several instances. Various courts in Germany have established chambers which are specifically responsible for construction matters in order to meet the extensive requirements of a complex construction dispute.

Our focus areas

  • Submissions to the courts in preparation of the oral hearing
  • Representation before the courts in all instances
  • Expert reports
  • Law enforcement

This is what we offer

In addition to substantive law and litigation expertise, GvW Graf von Westphalen’s lawyers have proven rhetorical and strategic qualities in order to successfully hold court proceedings for their cli-ents. Besides that, our regional network to courts and the chambers for construction matters is particularly important. Due to the firm’s offices in Germany’s largest economic centres and the advice provided on many national large projects, our lawyers are very familiar with the local particularities of the different courts.