Arbitration Proceedings

Professional arbitral tribunal instead of recourse to ordinary courts

In an arbitration proceeding, professional arbitrators appointed by the parties pass awards with the effect of a court judgment. This form of out-of-court settlement is becoming increasingly popular since it is not public, relieves the official courts and provides for a specialisation and professional competence of the arbitrators. The formal arbitration proceeding is regulated in Sections 1025 to 1066 Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) (so-called ad-hoc arbitration). In construction matters, however, the parties prefer to agree on the construction-specific rules of arbitration issued by various institutions. The jurisdiction of an ordinary court is excluded in arbitration clauses. 

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The implementation of complex arbitration proceedings which, other than proceedings before ordinary courts, are generally decided in just one instance, requires a broad range of experience. We have experienced countless arbitration proceedings in our professional practice from various perspectives - from the perspective of the party representative, in the role of the expert or as independent decision-makers. With our large inter-disciplinary team, we can advise on large proceedings with the required personnel resources at any time.